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Molly Magee's
241 Castro Street, Mountain View, California; Tel. 650.961.0108
On tap Irish beer flows at Molly Magee's in Mountain View as freely as the good times at this local bar fave. There's a pool table and TVs to provide distractions during the week, but those are completely kicked aside on the weekends when Molly Magee's gets to be a down right raucous party scene.

Office Bar
820 El Camino Real, Mountain View, California; Tel. 650.969.2098
Definitely on our dive bar crawl list, just the excuse factor of the name alone does it, the Office Bar in Mountain View has those quirky touches that you just can't find at your cookie-cutter bars that are popping up everywhere, like the supreme lack of windows so prying eyes can't see in and the time you've been camped on the bar stool gets blissfully blurred, or the full suit of armor standing guard over the liquor. Four nights a week, the Office Bar plays host to the local lung monkeys for some belt it out loud karaoke and if you're not into this wholly embarrassing, but totally fun phenomenon this local Mountain View bar also has pool, darts and pinball... blessed pinball.

Stephens Green Irish Pub Restaurant & Bar
223 Castro Street, Mountain View, California; Tel. 650.964.9151
Stephen's Green Irish Pub Restaurant & Bar is anything but a typical Irish pub. Adding a little Emerald Isle love to the sports bar persona, this Mountain View bar and restaurant caters to fans with HDTVs tuned to all the best games and a kitchen that keeps everyone happy with lunch, dinner and weekend morning football season breakfasts. At nighttime, Stephen's turns it up to 11 with DJs, weekend theme nights, a two level dance floor and all the necessary brews and cocktails to keep nightlife lovers satisfied.

Tied House Café and Brewery
954 Villa Street, Mountain View, California; Tel. 650.965.2739
The Tied House Café and Brewery in Mountain View takes full advantage of the microbrew craze and packages it with good food in a killer setting to keep the local bar crawlers and diners coming back. Usually they offer at least eight house beers on tap and one of 12 specialty brews that are dependent on the season—you have to swill some of the Spring Maibock which is the stuff of Mountain View bar legend—all of which you can enjoy inside or on the beer garden patio.

1313 El Camino Real, Mountain View, California; Tel. 650.965.8255
Our favorite dive bar in Mountain View—and really that should be enough to write, but our boss pays us by the word and living in the valley ain't cheap—Ugly's, started by a couple of local girls, has all the amenities of your classic dive bar: Pabst on tap, cheap, strong drinks and plenty of attitude. The walls and bar are adorned with any and every kitschy thing you'd find at a garage sale and Ugly's carries their 'tude over into weekly and holiday specials like the anti-Valentine's Day party that takes out its' frustrations and penalizes you smug couple types or the 6/9 party on June 9th, which should be self explanatory. So, if you're thinking about hitting a local bar in Mountain View hit Ugly's and if our endorsement means nothing then shame on you... either that or we're just not doing our job, in which case we hope to get paid anyway.

Zen Lounge
251 Castro Street, Mountain View, California; Tel. 650.265.0480
Eastern décor comes to life with Western nightclub sensibilities at Zen Lounge in Mountain View. Club goers enjoy an 800 square foot dance floor and some of the best VIP seating in the area amid pagoda-style furnishings, Asian art and sultry red lights, all topped off with a constant flow of beats from top Bay Area DJs. Bottle service is top of the line here, much like the sound and lighting system, and great happy hour specials make this a prime stop for even the financially challenged masses.

—Mountain View Bars and Clubs reviews by Ryan Osterbeck

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